Book Review: Let's Pretend This Never Happened

This “mostly true memoir” by Jenny Lawson, aka The Bloggess, has been on my to-read list for quite some time. Unfortunately, the aforementioned “to-read list” is more of a scattered, well-intentioned-but-ultimately-useless mental list than anything else. That is to say that I don’t write things down and then I forget and that is why it takes me forever to locate and read the books I am interested in. My bad. Stop judging me.

If you like Jenny’s blog you will probably like this book too, as well, also.

The End.

Okay, sorry, but I’ve never been particularly good at book reviews. I think I’ve got some kind of inferiority complex and I’m afraid you’re all going to judge me on my terrible review skillz. Which is bizarre, really, because one time when I was a kid I wrote a book report on a book that I didn’t like and I even said so in the report (so brave) AND I used the word “bizarre” in it AND I got a perfect grade AND I felt special for, like, a whole afternoon.

Maybe that was when I hit my peak as a writer (of book reviews?). Shit. That’s one for the grandkids, isn’t it? Sorry, kids, but I peaked intellectually at the age of ten and you probably will too. Genetics, yo!

I’m not sure that’s how genetics work, but just roll with me on this.

If I were good at writing book reviews I would tell you all about how there is a particular chapter in this book that is entitled “Making Friends With Girls” and how I actually yelled “HOLY SHIT, THIS BOOK IS ABOUT ME!” after reading the first page of said chapter. Straight up hollered. Out loud. To my cats. And you just know they were as shocked/thrilled/uncomfortable/thirsty as I was. Because they get me. I might also mention how the entire book reads like it was CTRL+C & CTRL+V’d straight from the blog itself, with a handful of photos from the author’s life sprinkled throughout like so many stray pieces of foam stuffing on the floor of a taxidermist’s shop (nailed it).

It’s funny, it’s smart, and, above all, it’s all fucking this and vaginas that. Two things I look for in my literature, and this book’s got ‘em. Great success!

The Actual End.