Time(ing) is Everything

I have to be honest with  you guys; I am really enjoying the way my life has slowed down and the surplus of free time I have had since leaving my admin career.

Lately I have been doing a lot of thinking about just what a gift time is and how lucky I am to be able to give myself that gift at this point in my life. After stressing myself out day after day trying to climb the ladder in a field I didn't enjoy it is such a comfort to find myself beginning to relax. I finally feel that there is some breathing room in my life to explore what I’m all about and begin focusing on the things that make me feel whole.

I seem to have spent the past few years setting myself up to be able to live on a reduced income without even realizing it. By continuing to reside in a modest apartment with a tiny rent bill, foregoing ownership of a vehicle, giving up drinking and smoking, and learning to be thrifty (thrift shop + me = BFFs) I have reduced my expenses to the point where they can be managed on a part-time income. I won’t be getting wealthy over the next year as I finish my degree, but I should (hopefully) be able to squeak through to the other side relatively unscathed. There are currencies in life besides the almighty dollar, and I am beginning to see that - for me, at least - time is among the most valuable of them all.

Time is a hot commodity, and how I spend my time (or trade it for money) is ultimately up to me. This idea that I have a choice in how I spend or trade my time is both terrifying and liberating. It means that I can stop saying “someday” to having the experiences that I have been putting off. It means that there is nothing stopping me from shunning the norm in favour of a life that is rich in memories, friendship, and knowledge. It means that the assumptions I have held for years about what makes a worthwhile career (see: salary expectation, 9-5 hours) may not be as applicable to my life as I thought.

Being in control of my time means that - as long as I am supporting myself and not placing the burden of my expenses on anyone else - I am free to do whatever I want with my life. What I want is a whole ‘nother issue that I’m still trying to sort out, but now that I've got the time and space to actually think about it I’m starting to develop an idea:

Time is on my side, and I am glad to finally be learning to enjoy it.