Baby Steps

CC Image "Alarm Clock 3" courtesy of Alan Cleaver on Flickr.

CC Image "Alarm Clock 3" courtesy of Alan Cleaver on Flickr.

I skipped boot camp Wednesday morning because I was extra sore from Tuesday’s workout and felt like absolute death when I struggled out of bed at 5 a.m. I opted for an extra two hours of snuggle time with J before work instead, and they were mahhhhvelous.

When Thursday morning rolled around I felt much more prepared and physically capable, and the whole session felt just a touch easier than the three preceding it. I think that means I’m ready to add an extra day next week, which is exciting. It feels good to be seeing improvements, however small they may be. I’ll be up to five mornings a week in no time!

The part I am finding the most difficult in all of this is getting my ass out of bed so early. Reconciling myself to the fact that I need to go to bed at about 9 p.m. if I want to feel good when I get up at 5 has been tough. For example, Jackson and I went to see The Grand Budapest Hotel with a friend last night (fantastic flick - go see it!), and even though we were in bed by 10 it still felt like the worst thing in the world when the alarm went off this morning. I actually lazed around until about quarter to 6, and I’m not sure I would have gotten up at all if Jackson hadn't made coffee for me! Ridiculous. I guess weekdays will have to be for taking care of business, and weekends will be for fun. Small price to pay for good health, right guys? RIGHT?!

I have also been really lax in meal planning/cooking things in advance. For the past few weeks I have eaten the same soup out of my freezer for multiple lunches and it’s driving me crazy. I know that having those meals waiting for me is already a step up from going out for lunch every day, but I can’t help but feel really blah about it. I think a little more creativity in the kitchen on Sundays would be a step in the right direction, and perhaps the purchase of a small freezer to supplement the one on our fridge would be a good idea as well. Baby steps!