My Little Apartment: A Love Story

One of the thrift shop finds that I have adopted into my home. I love this bowl!

One of the thrift shop finds that I have adopted into my home. I love this bowl!

When I left my tiny hometown for Winnipeg after high school grad I found myself in a constant state of flux. I moved from place to place in this little city, laying my head everywhere from a townhouse in St. Norbert to a tiny (and horrifically overpriced) apartment in St. James, and almost everywhere in between. In all of that time I never found anywhere that really felt like home, and each abode was shared with either my ex boyfriend or various roommates. I believe I moved a total of eight times in seven years. In other words, too many times. I felt unsettled, to say the least.

In the winter of 2011 I found myself in need of my own space. I was 23 years old, newly single, and desperate for a fresh start. Convinced that living alone was exactly what I needed, I began to search for an apartment in my almost non-existent price range.

I didn't search for long. Days after setting the wheels in motion for my discharge from roommate-dom I happened to be browsing Facebook when, at precisely the right moment, a friend posted about her wish to sublet her (dirt cheap) two bedroom apartment. I messaged her immediately and we made plans to meet so I could refresh my memory of the layout and get any necessary paperwork. Soon after we got together I moved in and we split the rent for my first month so she could continue to store her stuff and I could stay in my new place. And that was that; I was home.

I have lived in this off-Corydon apartment for about two and a half years now. Jackson moved in last November and his things have now melded with mine, morphing my little space into our little space and creating something that just works. I sometimes struggle with the feeling that as I approach my thirties I should be concerning myself with purchasing a house and “settling down”, but I’m just not sure home ownership is something my lifestyle demands right now. This apartment and this lifestyle are things that I am completely in love with, and I really couldn't ask for more.

Do you love the space you live in, or are you looking to make a change? I would love to hear about it in the comments. Let’s talk!