6 Months Without Cigarettes (and a New Toy)!

On Sunday I celebrated HALF A FREAKING YEAR without cigarettes. I also hit the seven month sober mark, which is pretty rad too. I used this milestone as an excuse to buy myself a little somethin' over the weekend. Internet, meet my new Chromebook - the perfect mix of laptop and tablet that I have quickly fallen in love with. My old laptop is still perfect for home use, but the battery is shot and the ol' beast is far from portable.

Since I already store the majority of my writing/blogging docs in the cloud, this little machine seemed like a natural fit for me. It weighs just over two pounds, which means I can zip it into the bright green sleeve I picked up (squee!) and take it with me wherever I want to go. Up until now I had to borrow J’s MacBook whenever I felt like working away from home, which was less than ideal to say the least.

We had some adventures this weekend as well, both on bicycle and on foot. We spent some time at the Forks and checked out a new coffee shop on River (Stain), which is beautiful inside. I even snuck a nap into my afternoon, because I really know how to celebrate!

In all seriousness, I am ecstatic to have reached this milestone. The fact that I gave up cigarettes has been overshadowed a bit by my journey to sobriety, but quitting smoking was by no means an easy task. I am so grateful to Jackson for putting up with my crazy mood swings during that time, and grateful to myself for sticking with it. My life has improved astronomically since making the decision to quit, and I know it is just going to get better.