Throwback Thursday: Weight Loss Edition


I decided to do something a little different for this week's TBT post. This is more of a before and after than a true throwback, but I think it counts.

As I drank my way into my mid twenties, I found that my body was less forgiving than it used to be. All of those excess liquid calories had to go somewhere, and that somewhere was straight to my gut. The result was steady weight gain over the period of about a couple years, which in combination with my drinking habits left me feeling sluggish and awful virtually all of the time. Below is a comparison of where I was at in April of 2013 (dat tight-lipped smile) and earlier this week (~30 lbs down).


You guys, I feel so much betterSince giving up drinking I have steadily started taking better care of myself, putting the right foods in my body and exercising regularly. I may not be ripped (yet) or model-thin, but I've dropped about 30 pounds in the past 7 months and that feels good. My body and I work together instead of against each other, and it is getting stronger and more capable every day.

Feels good, man.