Reclaiming My Mornings


Each morning when I wake up I have to choose whether to stay in bed or roll my ass on out of there and dive into a pot of coffee. In a perfect world that pot of coffee would be the easy choice, but my world also involves some cozy pillows and a really comfortable boyfriend. Life’s a real struggle sometimes, y’all.

Despite all of that morning are still my favourite part of the day. I love the little bit of quiet time I get to spend on the couch with coffee in hand and whatever I feel like reading or writing up on my screen. Most days Jackson is hanging out beside me and we slowly ease into the day together before going our separate ways for work/life/whatever. It’s bliss.

When I started going to the gym just a couple of months ago I was hitting the 6 a.m. boot camp. This meant getting up at 5, which as it turns out just did not work for me. The problem wasn't so much that the hour was too early (although really, barf), but that I found myself resenting the new routine because it took away from the writing/creative time that I craved. I felt stressed out and cranky each morning, and like a failure each time I opted to stay home and tap away rather than hit the gym. I had this image in my head of being “one of those people” who worked out bright and early each day and when I didn't quite fit that model I perceived it as a failure on my part. A whole lot of unnecessary angst and nonsense, really.

Luckily for me there are other options available that fit my life a bit better. One of those options is a 5 p.m. boot camp session that fits neatly into my after-work routine. My past few visits have been at this new time and it has made a world of difference in how I experience my week. I get to look forward to mornings again, and I've found that working out after work is the perfect way to shake off the day. Not going home and hitting the couch right away motivates me to stay more active in the evenings as well, which is a nice bonus.

So I guess that’s that. It can be tough to fit a new activity/interest into the day, but I think I've finally hit on something that works for me.

Have you found a way to fit exercise into your week without sacrificing other things that are important to you? How do you make it work?