On Birthdays, Personal Growth, and Gratitude


I turned 27 yesterday, so Jackson took me for dinner at Segovia (swoon) and then for cake on Osborne. It was fun to walk around my neighbourhood with my favourite person, wearing a little black dress and bright red shoes and just soaking up the early evening sunshine. Bliss like that shouldn’t be taken for granted, you know? It was perfect.


26 was a big year for me. If you had told me on my birthday last year that over the next 365 days my life would evolve into something completely, magnificently different, I would have called you a shithead and gone back to guzzling my bottle of wine. My, how things have changed.

It has been a long time since I felt well and truly older (wiser?) on my birthday, and I wasn’t expecting things to be different this year. However, things were different, and upon reflection I realized that I have experienced more growth and maturation in the past year than in the several years preceding it. I have pushed myself hard to do and be better in all aspects of my life over the past twelve months. My heart has had one hell of a workout and the learning curve has been steep, but every moment of insecurity and uncomfortable stretch of anxious anticipation has been worth it. I have never felt more grounded, more sure of who I am and what I stand for, or more capable of achieving my goals.

I remain immensely grateful for the people and opportunities that have entered my life in the past year. Everything from finding a job I enjoy to rekindling my love affair with blogging has been absolutely brilliant. I am so in love with the direction things are heading that I'm not even sure how to properly explain it. It's magic. 

So I guess here’s to another year of personal growth, tough decisions, and pushing forward as hard as I can. I wouldn't have it any other way.