#365DaysOfKindness Day 11: Conscious Consuming

One of the best things about this project so far has been that it causes me to be constantly asking myself if there is a way to do things better. I'm more receptive to finding opportunities to turn normal, everyday activities into something just a little bit more. I found one of those opportunities today. 

My old, shoddy winter boots have needed replacing for ages. I bought them a few years ago before I really committed to commuting actively year-round, and while they are cute they aren't necessarily as functional or as warm as I would like. I've been mulling over the idea of purchasing a new pair for quite some time now, and today I decided to bite the bullet and go shopping.

What I found after a great deal of browsing was a pair of Manitobah Mukluks. You guys, I am absolutely in love with these boots.

I like that 20% of Manitobah's footwear is manufactured right here in Winnipeg, and I love that I was given the choice of directing an additional investment to their Storyboot project by registering the number from the certificate of authenticity that came with the boots online.  

I have a feeling my mukluks and I are going to be very, very happy together.