#365DaysOfKindness Day 19: ADP Grant Contest

You guys, school is kicking my ass. Between assignments, readings, work, and trying (and sometimes failing) to take care of myself, I am wiped! Despite struggling a bit I am really enjoying my full course load, even if it does make time feel a little tight.

Tonight I managed to squeeze in a walking date with Jackson (yay!), a short essay assignment, and a kindness! I had planned to leave a "suspended coffee" for someone else to enjoy when we stopped for hot chocolate on our walk, but I was told that the coffee shop we went to no longer does that. Sad! 

Instead, I came home and voted/shared a link asking people to vote for the the outreach program I volunteer with (Inspire Community Outreach) to win a grant for $10,000 via the ADP Grant Contest. You can help out by following this link and checking back to vote once a day until the contest ends. 

Inspire is an absolutely wonderful organization with some big-hearted volunteers who are doing their best to make a difference in the lives of youth in Winnipeg. $10,000 would go a long way in helping us to deliver high quality programming and mental health support to the kids in our community. 

Time to catch some Zs before another ridiculously full day tomorrow. Sweet dreams, friends!