#365DaysOfKindness Day 22: Staying Positive

I will readily admit that I am not always the most positive person. I do my best to stay positive and often I succeed, but sometimes when I'm struggling I forget just how much power I have over how I view my situation. It's a conscious, daily effort, and one that I'm happy to make. After all, the alternative is being miserable all the time, and I've been there/done that and am not interested in returning!

Yesterday I found myself working well past what I had thought would be my departure time. There was a big event taking place and I was asked to help out. What followed was a chaotic evening of split-second problem solving and a never-ending line of guests to assist.

I could easily have let myself get cranky and focused on how badly I wanted to go home, but I realized that wouldn't make anything better. So my kindness yesterday was deliberately putting a smile on my face, cracking jokes, and making light of a tough situation in an effort to make things easier for everyone involved.

I think that sometimes we (I) forget just how much of an impact our mood can have on the people around us, and that one of the nicest things we can do is try to have a positive impact on our environments by choosing a better attitude. I think my efforts last night helped (or at least didn't hurt), because everyone managed to maintain high spirits and shrug off the stress of the situation just fine. All in all it was a pretty great day, and by the end of it I was glad I had stayed.