#365DaysOfKindness Days 24 & 25: Weekend Edition

You guys, I had the craziest weekend! It was so lovely - I worked a bunch, got a ton of schoolwork taken care of, and still managed to spend some time hanging out with Jackson. So good.

I can't remember what my kindness was on Friday. :/ I know I did one but it was such a crazy day that I forgot to write it down. If/when I remember I will blog about it! Oops. * 

*Edit: turns out the date on my computer was ahead by one day for some reason, causing me to think today was the 27th and that I had somehow forgotten a kindness! Phew. Crisis averted.

Saturday's kindness was all about helping Jackson get ready for the week ahead. We've been having a ridiculously hard time bringing ourselves to cook healthy meals at home instead of going out or relying on sandwiches lately. I don't know if it's the winter blahs or just the fact that we are both crazy busy these days, but I know it bothers him as much as it does me when we struggle to feed ourselves properly. Since I didn't work until late on Saturday, I took some time off from studying and spent the afternoon making a pot of veggie-filled turkey soup just for Jackson to take for lunch this week, which will at the very least save him from eating takeout at work. 

On Sunday we went for brunch, which I happened to find a Groupon for. Since the Groupon saved us a little money I was able to leave a big tip, which was awesome because our server was super nice. That was my kindness for Sunday.

I'm glad that even though I had a busy weekend I was able to fit a couple of kindnesses in. Feeling as though there wasn't enough time to do things perfectly has stopped me from committing to things in the past, and I see now that I shouldn't let the fear of imperfection stop me from at least trying. By squeezing a little something good into even the busiest days I'm learning that something is always better than nothing when it comes to being kind.