#365DaysOfKindness Day 28: #BellLetsTalk

Today's kindness was a tough one, you guys. As many of you know, today is Bell Let's Talk day, meaning that for each message on Twitter that includes the hashtag #BellLetsTalk, Bell donates 5 cents to mental health initiatives. 

Some people scoff at the idea of participating in an initiative that provides promotion for a large corporation, and you know what? I'm not interested in arguing about that. What I am interested in doing is seizing an opportunity to join thousands of other voices in sharing our stories about living with mental illness. 

So that's just what I did.

This morning I took to my Twitter account and, using the #BellLetsTalk tag, recounted some of the most personal and painful parts of my experiences with self harm, depression, and addiction. I didn't do it because I thought it would be fun, but because when I was struggling and my life was at its worst, it was hearing and reading about how other people overcame their own struggles that helped me push through my own. I feel so privileged to be alive and thriving today, and if sharing my story can help even one person feel hopeful then it is well worth the effort to do so.

Be kind to each other, friends. And don't be afraid to share your story; someone might need it.