#365DaysOfKindness Days 29 & 30: Workin' & Givin'

Thursday's kindness was staying late at work to help out even though I had the option of going home (hence the lack of post that day - I was tuckered!). It was fun. I love having a physical job to counteract the amount of time I spend sitting on my butt doing schoolwork. Balance!

Today I met up with Angela from Inspire Community Outreach to talk social media and fundraising. I am in love with this organization and just know that 2015 is going to be a huge year for us. Expect to see more Inspire-related posts in the future, because we've got big plans.

Before meeting with Angela I went grocery shopping for Jackson and I. I try to do a big grocery shopping trip once a month at Superstore. It's kind of out of the way so I usually book a Peg City Car Co-op car for the trip, but it is worth it because the grocery stores in our neighborhood are way too pricey for our tiny budget! A few bucks on using the co-op car is well worth the amount of money we save on our groceries by going a little out of the way.

While I was shopping, I remembered that I had promised myself I would add a few things to my cart for the food bank at school, so that's just what I did. This afternoon I dropped off the bag of food when I went to pick up my February student bus pass. Easy peasy.

It bothers me that the food bank bin at the UMSU office on campus is always empty when I drop stuff off, so I'd like to challenge those of you who attend the University of Manitoba to stop by with a donation! Remember, any one of us could experience food insecurity at some point in our lives. Nobody is immune. Every donation counts, and the office is so conveniently located in University Centre (right by the Answers booth) that there's no reason not to help out. Do it! You know you wanna.