#365DaysOfKindness Day 4: Kindness From My Couch

Jackson and I had a lazy day in today since neither of us was particularly interested in braving the weather outside. Some Sundays are best enjoyed from the couch, you know? As such, I made it my mission to find a kindness that could be performed from the comfort of my living room. I quickly became overwhelmed while browsing Kickstarter and Indiegogo for campaigns to fund, and so I put out a call on Twitter for guidance:

Screenshot 2015-01-04 at 7.58.12 PM.png

The first tweet to answer my call came from a private account so I won't share it, but the woman who sent it encouraged me to fund a campaign being run by a lady named Lara who is trying to pay for medical school in Saba. Did I have any idea where Saba was? Hell no! But I was ready to find out.

Saba, for those of you who aren't familiar, is a Caribbean island that contains one potentially active volcano (!) and one pretty kickass medical school, The Saba School of Medicine.

After checking out Lara's GoFundMe page I decided that since she and I share a common goal - leveling up our skills in order to help others - her campaign was exactly the sort of thing that I would like to contribute to. Besides, having recently jumped back into post-secondary education as an adult, I know how stressful it can be financially - and I'm only paying for an Arts degree! In Canada! Med school in a different country is on a whole 'nother level and takes a ton of guts to commit to. Props to Lara for taking such a big step towards achieving her dreams.

Screenshot 2015-01-04 at 7.49.08 PM.png

Lara sent me a thank-you note and an invitation to view her private blog almost immediately after I funded her campaign. I'm really looking forward to following her story as she starts school and settles into her new life in Saba. 

If you want to help Lara out you can check out her campaign page here, or visit her on Twitter. I'm sure she would appreciate your donation!

Later taters!