#365DaysOfKindness Day 6: FreeRice.com

University classes started today, and being the keener I am I spent most of the day organizing myself and getting a head start on my online classes. Before I knew it, darkness was creeping into the day and it was almost time to head to campus for my evening class. Not wanting to push today's kindness until after class, I decided to take a few minutes to donate some rice via FreeRice.com

FreeRice.com is a non-profit word game website that is owned by and supports The United Nations World Food Programme. The visitor plays a word game (see below) and for each correct answer a sponsor ad appears at the bottom of the page. Revenue from those ads pays for the 10 grains of rice that is donated for each question the visitor answers correctly. 

Fun, right? I made it to 1250 grains before it was time to get ready to wander out into the cold. It's the perfect activity for those days when you find yourself mindlessly cruising Netflix or have a few moments between classes. 10/10 would recommend.