#365DaysOfKindness Day 7: Kindness on Campus

I had a few things to do on campus today, so I decided to take a little something with me when I went so I could perform today's act of kindness while I was there.

Once upon a long long time ago, I volunteered at the University of Manitoba food bank on a casual basis. I was always shocked with how few students seemed to know of its existence. For those of you who aren't aware, the food bank is located on the fourth floor of University Centre at the Fort Garry campus and can be accessed through the Financial Aid and Awards office. 

Donations for the food bank can be dropped off at the UMSU office, which is conveniently located at 101 University Centre.  Since I was heading to campus without a lot of books to carry, I put together a package of a couple things Jackson and I probably won't get around to eating, along with some stuff that we can get by without until the next time we go grocery shopping. The result was a mixed bag of dry goods that used together or apart could contribute to some tasty, tasty meals.

From now on I will try to remember to add a few extra items for the food bank to my cart whenever I do a bigger grocery shopping trip for Jackson and I. That way I will always have extra to give and a kindness to perform following the trip! Win/win.

Later Taters!