So what now? Life after big goals.

life after big goals

Here we are a the beginning of November, and I have no idea where October went. The month just kind of flew by. It was a pretty standard month - I worked my butt off at work, we spent some time with friends, and occasionally we spent the night in watching too much TV (American Horror Story, anyone?) and eating delicious, cheesy things.

I’ve been feeling restless these past few weeks, like I’m not sure what to do next. We settled into our new home so quickly that after it was over I found myself looking around and wondering what now? The past two years have been such a whirlwind of constant change and growth that now, having achieved the goals I set out for myself all those months ago, I’m not sure what to do next.

Two years ago the thought of removing alcohol from my life seemed like an impossibility; now it’s my new normal. Finishing my degree was a pipe dream; now my graduation date has passed. Changing careers and increasing my income seemed impossible, but now I’m here. I’ve done it. My life looks nothing like it used to.

I realize now that after years of knocking down barriers and pushing myself forward, I have no idea how to live without a huge, life changing goal in front of me. Keeping me moving. Making me better. I know I’m not done, but I don’t know what my idea of “done” looks like or what the next thing is. 

I guess I’ve got some thinking to do.

What are you working towards right now?