#365DaysOfKindness Days 45 & 46: Valentines Day and Festival

I was scheduled to work on Valentine's Day this year, and since Jackson and I don't usually do anything anyway we didn't make any plans. I ended up finishing work much earlier than expected, so I surprised him by picking up a piece of his favourite cake from Baked Expectations on the way home. Valentine's Day kindness FTW!

On Sunday we went to Festival du Voyageur with some friends, where we ate bannock-wrapped EVERYTHING and wandered around looking at ice sculptures. While we were sitting in one of the tents, a girl approached us to ask if one of us would participate in her survey. It turned out that she was there to ask questions as part of a research study being conducted at the University of Manitoba on mobile device use at festivals. I happily agreed, and after about ten minutes of answering questions she surprised me with a voucher for a free drink at Café Postal! Sometimes kindness pays off in immediate, delicious ways. ;)

Side note: If you happen to be spending some time at Festival this week, be sure to drop by Café Postal while you're there and try the Fort Gibraltar. It was so good that I never wanted it to end.

Hé Ho!