#365DaysOfKindness Days 49-52: All The Things

You guys, I had the craziest week! Let me tell you all about it.

I was scheduled to participate in a training session all day on Wednesday, which took place in an area where I am not super familiar with the bus routes. I planned ahead accordingly, doing my best to leave plenty of time between buses so as not to miss my transfer. Unfortunately I did not plan well enough and found myself waiting at the lights to cross the street as my second bus pulled up to its stop. I waved at the driver and he was kind enough to wait for the lights to cycle so I could get across the seat and board his bus, saving me from having to wait for the next bus in the cold (and likely being late for my class). My kindness on Wednesday was sending out this tweet and getting in touch with Winnipeg Transit to give them the bus details and let them know how much I appreciated the driver waiting a few extra seconds for me!

It's important to remember to give feedback when we have good experiences too, not just bad ones!

Thursday was my first day in the position of Good Food Box Coordinator with the Winnipeg FoodShare Co-op. I'm really excited about this new opportunity and can't wait to dig in and be a part of increasing access to healthy, affordable food in Winnipeg! My kindness that night was releasing one of my favourite books (The Glass Castle by Jeannette Walls) into the wild by registering it with BookCrossing.com and leaving it behind on the bus. I hope whoever finds it enjoys it.

Friday was my second day on the job, and after work I executed my kindness by spending some time on social media planning/maintenance for my volunteer gig with Inspire

Saturday was a big, fantastic day. I spent the morning and afternoon in Mental Health First Aid training with an amazing group of people, all of whom are fellow volunteers with Inspire. After training I made my way home, where I quickly got ready for an event that I have spent months preparing for: Coldest Night of the Year!

CNOY is a fundraising walk that takes place annually across Canada to raise money to help the homeless. In Winnipeg, funds from the walk support Resource Assistance for Youth (RaY). I registered a team way back in December (early January?) and together we raised a total of $760! My kindness on Saturday was participating in the walk, which ended up being super chilly (and totally worth the effort). I'm really proud of my team for their efforts, and have already got some ideas about how we can have an even greater impact next year!

5/6 of my wonderful team!

5/6 of my wonderful team!