#365DaysOfKindness Days 38 & 39: Kindness at Work & Supporting Community Radio

I worked last night, so my kindness for the day was oh-so-stealthily attaching a note and some change to the break room vending machine so someone could get a free drink. It was tough to get away without being seen, but I managed it! 

I was struggling to decide what to do for my kindness today. Luckily for me, I saw a Facebook post by a friend of mine who happens to have a radio show on CKUW, and CKUW happens to be in the middle of their Fundrive fundraiser! Fundrive is an annual event that raises money for the radio station, which is listener supported (read: does not air paid advertising). I am a big time lover of community radio, so making a little donation to the cause for today's kindness made perfect sense to me.

Want to help out? Check out their website to donate online! I'm sure they'd appreciate it.