#365 Days of Kindness Days 67-73: Volunteering, Etc.

I'm getting into crunch time at school now, and it seems to have left me a bit forgetful when it comes to writing down my kindnesses. Last week was heavy on volunteering and a little light on variety, but I'm still pretty happy with how it went. 

Day 67: Donated change to the D'Arcy's ARC bin at the grocery store

Day 68: Social media scheduling for Inspire

Day 69: Created and share a promotional image for Inspire's drive to send fresh food and essential goods to northern communities (there's still time to help us out!)

Days 70-72: More social media scheduling for Inspire and...other things. I can't remember the other things. I forgot to write them down. It was that kind of week.

Day 73: Participated in a focus group for a university study on mobile device use at festivals (a follow-up on a survey I participated in at Festival du Voyageur last month).

I've decided to try and tackle finishing my degree over the summer rather than leaving some courses to the fall. I'm eager to get it all finished so I can focus more of my free time on things like volunteering and this project. Soon!