#365DaysofKindness Days 74-80: Donations, Dogs, & Date Night

I'm in the middle of end-of-term assignments and exam prep right now, so this week's (late!) post is a quick one.

Day 74: Donated 400 grains of rice via FreeRice.com. So fun!

Day 75: Donated to 5 Days for the Homeless. The best part about this one was the donations were collected in my classroom at U of M and my prof generously matched all of his students' donations up to $500. Thanks Professor Neville! 

Day 76: Volunteer work of the community engagement variety (read: social media planning)

Day 77: Tried to catch a loose dog. Failed miserably. I was walking to the bus stop after work when I saw the happiest dog I have ever seen running down the street. It looked pretty young and had a collar, and was having absolutely no part in being caught by me. Eventually it got too far away and I had to give up the chase, but I did call 311 to report the location. I really hope that happy little pup was picked up safe and sound and returned to its owners!

Day 78: Volunteer work

Day 79: Surprised Jackson with takeout. He does super nice things for me all the time, so it was nice to make that day's kindness all about him.

Day 80: Made Jackson waffles for breakfast. Because who doesn't want someone to make them waffles sometimes? 

Until next week!