#365DaysOfKindness Days 95-101: 100 Day Milestone!

Happy Monday, friends! Another seven days, another seven kindnesses. Can you believe it has been over 100 days already? I can't. Wow.

Day 95 (Sunday): Social media scheduling for Inspire.

Day 96 (Monday): Picked up some extra food while grocery shopping and put it in the food bank bin. This has gotten to be a routine part of my month and I love it! Seriously, I recommend giving it a try. It only adds a little bit to your grocery bill and takes virtually no extra effort.

Days 97+98 (Tuesday&Wednesday): Social media scheduling/planning for Inspire. I spent a fair bit of time on this this week because I have been developing some tools that I can use to help organizations get the most out of their social media experience, and what better way to test those tools than to use them to benefit this great outreach program? Win/win. 

Day 99 (Thursday): Shared this post from Kyla's blog on my social media channels. Her blog is by far one of my best resources, and I really admire the way she knows how to ask just the right questions to help business owners get the most out of their online business or blog. Check her out!

Day 100 (Friday): Seriously, 100 days already? They've really flown by! I spent this day prepping a social campaign for Inspire's upcoming Aspire Dance Class. 

Day 101 (Saturday): I was SO EXCITED about Saturday's kindness! Last week I created a portfolio website for Jackson that just needed a few finishing touches before it could be launched. On Saturday I finished up the site, helped him get his LinkedIn profile filled in and published, and away we went! So, you know, if you need any freelance writing done...I know a guy.

Jackson Website Logo Blog.jpg

So that was my week, and it was a good one. See you next Monday!