#365DaysOfKindness Days 109-115: Where does the time go?

Earlier this month I finished my last exam of the term. I was oh so excited about it, certain that I would immediately find myself flush with spare time to do whatever I pleased. So how is it that I find myself frantically typing this update three days late, just barely squeezing it in between work and a bank appointment? How could it be that my next school term starts on MONDAY? Where did the weeks go?! 

Anyway. Last week was a good one. Check it out:

Day 109 (Sunday): Left some food in the food bank bin after grocery shopping. Seriously, this is the easiest. Do recommend.

Day 110 (Monday): Made Jackson dinner and cleaned up so he could get some work done, even though I didn't feel like it and just wanted to marry my butt to the couch. Worth it.

Day 111 (Tuesday): Voted in this MTS grant contest.

Day 112 (Wednesday): Social media stuff for Inspire.

Day 113 (Thursday): Donated to Thunderbird House's GoFundMe campaign.

Day 114 (Friday): Donated some unused clothes to the bin down the street.

Day 115 (Saturday): Tipped a busker outside of Portage Place. I have no idea what kind of instrument he was playing but it was the coolest. We spent the whole day wandering around the city on foot, covering everywhere from the Village to the Exchange, back through West Broadway and into Wolseley. Best day.

So that's that. See you on Monday (hopefully) for a recap of this week's kindnesses!