#365DaysOfKindness Days 88-94: Free Rice, Friends, and (April) Fools

Day 88:  Jackson and I had a photo of him developed and dropped it off for his mom to take to his grandparents in BC. 

Day 89: Donated 900 grains of rice with FreeRice.com

Day 90: Built Jackson a portfolio website for his freelance work. It's not up yet, but it will be soon!

Day 91: Said HELL NO to April Fools' Day and instead pledged to perform extra kindnesses throughout the day. Those kindnesses included voting for a friend's band in CBC's Searchlight contest, leaving a big bowl of fruit in the shared kitchen at my new office with a "help yourself" sign, and forwarding some great job postings to a friend who I know is looking for work right now. It was a good day. 

Day 92: Chatted with an elderly man on the bus on our way home from MTC's The Woman in Black (which was awesome, by the way). He told us about how he lost his hearing in a workplace accident and made some jokes about the differences between life in the Philippines (where he's from) and Winnipeg.  It made me wonder how many fun or fascinating conversations we miss on public transit when we bury our faces in our phones and hope nobody talks to us, you know? Sometimes people just need someone to chat with. 

Day 93: Created a promo image for some play silks that Inspire is selling  & shared it.

Day 94: Left a review for Wunderlist and shared a link/some praise for it on social media. I realized that I don't share enough about some of the fantastic tools I use every day to make my life easier, but I should. 

Jackson and I also went to see our friend Kati give a SHED Talk - a Winnipeg-born twist on TED Talks (SHED = Shared Highlights of Educational Dimensions). Kati's talk was entitled "Wife of Pi: My Complicated Relationship with Engineering".  She nailed it, and we were really glad we went. 

See you next week!