#365DaysOfKindness Days 123-129: Snakes & Stuff

Being late with these posts is becoming so normal now that I'm beginning to think I should be aiming to post them on Thursday instead of Monday! The past couple of weeks have been crazy, with the last of my university classes beginning last week and some office shuffling taking place at work. I'm finding it a bit challenging to balance work, full-time school, volunteering, this project, and my (abysmal) social life right now, but knowing that I will be finished the coursework for my degree in the first week of August (!!!) really helps. Nothing worth doing is easy, right? That's what I tell myself, anyway!

Here are my kindnesses for last week:

Sunday (Day 123): Gave some new friends a ride to Narcisse, Manitoba to visit the snake pits. A group of us got together to make the journey, and Jackson and I had rented a car for the weekend so we offered to pile some people into the car with us. What followed was the equivalent of a 90s throwback dance party jammed into a tiny Fiat. 10/10 would do again.

Monday (Day 124): Voted in the MTS Future First Grant Contest

Tuesday (Day 125): Filled out a customer satisfaction survey for Shaw following a support call I had placed with them. I usually dismiss those surveys, but feedback is really helpful to businesses of all kinds so this time I took a few minutes to give mine.

Wednesday (Day 126): Donated some extra bins from my work to an organization in West Broadway to use in their programs. I sometimes forget that the decisions I make at work count as kindnesses as well, but of course they do! After all, the guiding reason behind my decision to enter the nonprofit sector was to make a positive impact. It's a good feeling. 

Thursday & Friday (Days 127+128): Took some time out from schoolwork (phew!) to design a banner for Inspire.  I haven't been able to give my volunteer work as much of my time as I usually like since classes started, so it was nice to focus on this for a little while last week.

Saturday (Day 129): Voted in the MTS Future First Grant Contest

So that's all for last week. See you on...Monday? Thursday? Sometime, anyway.

Have a great long weekend, friends!