#365DaysOfKindess Days 130-136: Long Weekend Edition

Bit of a rough week last week. I'm really feeling the pressure of my crazy schedule these days, and the only thing keeping me going is knowing that I will be finished my degree by the end of July.

To be honest, I've been spending a ton of time lately (more than I should) daydreaming about getting back to work full time and finally being able to push forward with the rest of my life. I've set aside a lot of personal projects & interests and sacrificed a full time income in order to finish this degree, and now that I'm in the final stretch it has been tough to focus on the tasks at hand when all I want is to move on to the next step. I know it will all be worth it, but patience is hard sometimes, you guys!

Anyway. Here are my kindnesses for last week:

Sunday (Day 130): Social media for Inspire.

Monday (Day 131): At-the-till donation for...something? I don't remember. Like I said, it was a rough week.

Tuesday (Day 132): Volunteered to be the communicator between the professor and my group for a class project. 

Wednesday (Day 133): No idea. Didn't write it down. I'm pretty sure I did something, but whatever it was is lost to me now.

Thursday (Day 134): Donated to Children's Hospital Foundation of MB

Friday (Day 135): Forwarded some job opportunities I was sent along to a friend who is looking for work.

Saturday (Day 136): Bought Jackson dinner.

So that's that. See you next week!