#365DaysOfKindness Days 158-164: Pride!

Last week was a much more interesting week for me in terms of kindnesses. It even involved some human interaction! Imagine that...

Sun, June 7th (158): Voted in the Cargill Together We Thrive grant contest

Mon, June 8th (159): Wrote a thank you to one of my profs for her feedback on an essay I wrote

Tues, June 9th (160): Voted in the Cargill Together We Thrive grant contest

Wed, June 10th (161): Attended volunteer training for the 

Thurs, June 11th (162): Shared some index cards with my project group so we could make notes before giving our presentation in class (so glad that's over - phew!)

Fri, June 12th (163): Voted in the Cargill Together We Thrive grant contest

Sat, June 13th (164): Volunteered for Pride Festival at the Forks! Best. Time. Ever. I spent half of my day working the merch tent, and the other half wandering around picking up garbage and checking out the vendors/listening to music/generally having an awesome time. This was my first time officially volunteering with the festival; I'd participated on behalf of my workplace a few times in the past, but this was a different experience entirely. 10/10 would recommend, and I'll definitely be signing up again next year.

I'm almost done one of my condensed courses, which I am really excited about. Tomorrow evening I write my final exam, and then on Monday I hop into a new course. I already feel lighter for having fought my way through this class (and earned myself some decent grades while I was at it) and I can't wait to finish everything up at the end of July. The end is getting nearer.

See you next week, friends!