#365DaysOfKindness Days 137-150: The "I Cheated" Edition

I'm way, way overdue on most of these:

Sun, May 17th (137): Donated rice with FreeRice.com

Mon, May 18th (138): Made Jackson dinner and left it for him before heading to class in the evening

Tues, May 19th (139): Promoted the (amazing) NorWest Community Food Centre on social media

Wed, May 20th (140): Fixed up a promo image for Inspire

Thurs, May 21st (141): Pledged a kindness for Winnipeg Wednesday

Fri, May 22nd & Sat, May 23rd (142-143): Voted in the Cargill "Together We Thrive" grant contest (one day I'll tell you how I really feel about grant contests, but today is not that day).

Sun, May 24th (144): Attended a wedding shower. 

Mon, May 25th-Sat, May 30th (145-150): Voted in the Cargill "Together We Thrive" grant contest  (once a day)

So, I'm sure you can see why I feel like I've been cheating. For the past couple of weeks it has felt like I've done nothing but work, study, and panic. There's no point complaining because hey, it'll all be over at the end of July, but for now I'm having a hard time finding time for personal projects of any nature, never mind ones that require thought and care.

I'm doing my best.