#365DaysOfKindness Days 165-178: Dinners & Donations

Ohmygosh you guys - why didn't someone tell me I had missed an entire week's worth of kindness posts?! I honestly didn't realize. Oops. 

Here we go:

Sun, June 14th (165): Volunteered at Pride Festival

Mon, June 15th-Wed, June 17th (166-168): Voted in the Together We Thrive grant contest

Thurs June 18th (169): Donated 1200 grains of rice with FreeRice.com

Fri, June 19th (170): Cooked dinner for friends

Sat, June 20th (171): Voted in the Together We Thrive grant contest

Sun, June 21st (172): Wished my dad a happy Father's Day

Mon, June 22nd (173): Voted in the Together We Thrive grant contest

Tues, June 23rd (174): Donated to Siloam Mission (donations were matched by an anonymous donor!)

Wed, June 24th (175): Smiled at strangers. This is something that I tend to do anyway because I'm an awkward person who doesn't know what to do with her face when walking past people, but I went out of my way on this day to smile at everyone I passed.

Thurs, June 25th (176): Bought a new (to us) couch from ForRay Shoppe, where each purchase helps fund programs run by Resource Assistance for Youth.

Fri, June 26th (177): Bought Jackson ice cream 

Sat, June 27th (178): Prepped dinner for my family (with the help of Jackson and my brother) and did all of the clean-up for a late Father's Day dinner. 

And that's that. See you next week!