#365DaysOfKindness Days 179-192 (+ a brief update)

I'm going to be honest, you guys. I have not been coping as well as I could with my schedule lately, and this project is just one of many things in my life that I've struggled to keep up with. I'm still getting my kindnesses in on the daily (they're second nature by now, which I really dig), but schoolwork has taken precedence over creating posts for them most weeks.

I knew that it would be tough to cram four courses in over the summer while learning the ropes in a new industry and at a new job. I also knew that I would be exhausted and that I would get halfway through and want to quit, but that I wouldn't. What I didn't know, however, was just how proud I would be of myself when I discovered that, despite everything, I was still pulling off high grades, or how it would feel to finally make my way into an industry where I just fit. I couldn't have predicted that I would come to the final weeks of my academic career and find that I had finally learned to set aside my panic and simply trust myself to do what needed to be done. That kind of self trust doesn't necessarily come easy to someone who has lived with addiction. It certainly has not come easy for me. It's a nice feeling.

Anyway, I have three more weeks to go until I am finished with school. I'm looking forward to an August full of blogging, life planning, and - most of all - SLEEP. For now, here is my list of kindnesses for the past two weeks:

Sun, June 28th (179): Took Jackson out to my hometown of Moosehorn (with a brief detour to Steep Rock beach) and bought him lunch at the Chicken Chef I worked at when I was 15. Fun fact: it still looks exactly the same. 

Mon, June 29th (180): Smiled at strangers while out and about (my favourite thing!)

Tues, June 30th (181): Donated to the Shoal Lake fundraiser

Wed, July 1st (182): Walked around Canada Day festivities all over town and smiled at strangers like a fool. 

Thurs, July 2nd (183): Donated rice with FreeRice.com

Fri, July 3rd (184): Made sure to thank the guy who came to fix the windows in my apartment

Sat, July 4th (185): Donated at the till to Saskatchewan fire relief efforts

Sun, July 5th (186): I don't remember. I'M SORRY. I PROMISE THERE WAS SOMETHING. I think I did the dishes so Jackson wouldn't have to or something silly like that.

Mon, July 6th (187): Complimented someone on their awesome blog post

Tues, July 7th (188): Donated more rice with FreeRice.com

Wed. July 8th (189): Endorsed a bunch of people on LinkedIn

Thurs, July 9th (190): Thanked every person who wished me a happy birthday on Facebook individually 

Fri, July 10th-Sat, July 11th (191-192): Went camping with friends and brought a bunch of berries and other produce to share with everyone. Did dishes for the group. 

See you soon, friends!