#365DaysOfKindness Days 200-206: A Helping Hand

Another week down, you guys! I can't believe I've been at this for more than 200 days. What seemed like such a huge challenge in the beginning has become a normal part of my day that I really look forward to. 

Speaking of huge challenges - I completed the last class of my degree last night. All that's left for me to do now is turn in a couple of papers and complete two exams next week, and then I'm completely done. I can't wait to have free time again!

Here are last week's kindnesses:

Sun, July 19th (200): Helped a friend move into his new apartment (and grew terribly envious of his new sunroom!)

Mon, July 20th (201): Weeded through and forwarded a bunch of suitable job postings to a friend who is looking for a career change (note: I know this person quite well, so I could be sure this would be well-received as a helpful gesture)

Tue, July 21st (202): Offered help to a friend who is trying to get sober. Because I know a thing or two (or ten) about kicking an addiction in the ass.

Wed, July 22nd (203): Filled out an evaluation for my prof (with feedback)

Thur, July 23rd (204): Donated 500 grains of rice with FreeRice.com

Fri, July 24th (205): Made an effort to smile at strangers all day. Was successful.

Sat, July 25th (206): Spent 4 hours washing windows & walls and completely rearranging our living room so I could surprise Jackson with a much cozier/more comfortable living space when he got home from work. It was worth the effort.