#365DaysOfKindness Days 214-220: Free Rice and Festivals

#365DaysOfKindness is a year-long experiment in kindness, generosity, and service at VanessaMeads.com. Check back each Tuesday for more kindnesses, or view previous posts here

I had a really good week, you guys. I wrote my final exams and said goodbye to school for good! Or at least for the next year or so, anyway, because who knows. The past few days of doing whatever I want outside of work without having the guilt of knowing I should be studying hanging over me has been just fantastic. 10/10 would recommend. 

Here are last week's kindnesses:

Sun, Aug 2nd (214): Volunteered at Folklorama. J's mom performs at the Pabellón de España each year for the festival, so we both went to help out on opening night. They dressed me up and I spent most of the afternoon/evening helping out with the VIP table and watching the shows. Super fun!

Mon, Aug 3rd (215): Donated 500 grains of rice with FreeRice.com

Tues, Aug 4th (216): Donated 400 grains of rice with FreeRice.com

Wed, Aug 5th (217): Donated to my MP candidate of choice

Thurs, Aug 6th (218): Gave a fellow exam writer a pen. Have you ever gotten to an exam and realized you forgot to bring a pen? I've totally been there. Good thing I over prepare for everything these days and happened to have one (er, several) available to share.

Fri, Aug 7th (219): Made an at-the-till donation to a children's charity

Sat, Aug 8th (220): Volunteered at DMSMCA Summer Fest at Jacob Penner Park. I watched over the inflatable fire truck slide all day and it was the most fun! Kids + giant inflatable toys = madness. It was a beautiful, sunny day and I was so glad to be there. 

DMSMCA Summer Fest

So that was my week. I'm really looking forward to focusing more on volunteering/donating my time now that my degree is complete. The kindnesses that allow me to get involved in community events are some of my favourites, and one downside to having so much schoolwork to do (particularly during the summer months) has been not having the time to participate as much as I would like.  Freedom!

See you next week, friends.