#365DaysOfKindness Days 221-227: Social Media, Mostly

Just a quick post today:

Sun, Aug 9th (221): Gave some friends a ride home from camping

Mon, Aug 10th (222): Filled out a survey for LinkedIn

Tues, Aug 11th (223): Smiled at strangers while walking

Wed, Aug 12th (224): Donated 700 grains of rice with FreeRice.com

Thurs, Aug 13th (225): Went on a Facebook photo-liking spree.

Fri, Aug 14th (226): Tweeted nice things about my favourite artists at Interstellar Rodeo (which was awesome, by the way!)

Sat, Aug 15th (227): Donated 500 grains of rice with FreeRice.com

See you next week!