#365DaysOfKindness Days 249-255: Subletting, Styrofoam, & Socials

As usual, it has been a crazy week around here. Jackson and I began preparing in earnest for our move downtown at the end of the month, part of which involved staging and showing our apartment at the beginning of the week. I am so excited for the changes ahead, but have also spent quite a bit of time waxing nostalgic about this little space. This was, after all, the first place that I ever lived completely on my own. I've spent four good years here, each better than the last. 

My new position at work has been challenging (in a good way). I'm really enjoying getting myself organized and figuring out how to prioritize all of the new tasks and responsibilities I have. My inner list-making enthusiast is nerding out so hard! I love it. The work I'm doing is closely aligned with my values, and I'm stretching and exercising skill sets that I didn't even realize I enjoyed using so much. It's kind of the best.

Anyway, that's what's been going on lately. Here are last week's kindnesses:

Sun, Sep 6th (249): Gave our friends first dibs on subletting our super affordable, super nice apartment

Mon, Sep 7th (250): Scheduled apartment viewings later into the evening than I wanted to so everyone could have an equal chance at getting their application in first when the rental office opened the next day

Tue, Sep 8th (251): Stopped the car I was driving to rescue a piece of garbage styrofoam that was bouncing across the parking lot and disposed of it properly

Wed, Sep 9th (252): Made an at-the-till donation at Bulk Barn when we stopped for dried fruit (PSA: dried ginger is the BOMB and you need to get some in your life ASAP)

Thurs, Sep 10th (253): Didn't lose my cool on the organizers when things went wrong at the event I was trying to set up at, even though I was frustrated. Everything ended up working out just fine, of course - it usually does! 

Fri, Sep 11th (254): Bought tickets to our friends' wedding social next month

Sat, Sep 12th (255): Helped the director of Inspire with some website updates

See you next week!