Blogging: How Do?

blogging how do

I’ve been thinking about blogging a ton lately, and about how I would love to do it more frequently and maybe even with some kind of consistency (but, like, don’t hold your breath). The mental barriers I come up against time and time again when I start to think about making a regular hobby of this space are always the same:

  1. I don’t think I’m expert enough at anything that would be worth writing about (except maybe not drinking, but honestly I feel like I’ve blogged that to absolute death). I get stuck on the idea that I need to be THE MOST INFORMED AND ACCOMPLISHED PERSON EVER to write about a topic, which I recognize is just the kind of bullshit perfectionist thinking that can keep a person locked inside of themselves for life if they let it. But what if I get it wrong, you know? Failure is scary. 
  2. I’m afraid of writing poorly. There, I said it. What if I don’t do words good and someone points it out or tells me I suck? That would be the worst.
  3. I’m still learning to be confident in my ability to show up in my life, commit, and get shit done. It's been over three years since I quit drinking and basically got my life together, but it's taking my brain a while to catch onto the fact that my ability to follow through on things is no longer near nonexistent. What if I decide to make this a regular thing and then just...don’t? That would also be the worst.

So basically I am a bundle of insecurities when it comes to writing publicly these days, but I’m pretty sure the only way to get over that is to just do it. So here I am, doing the thing...and pretty happy about it, honestly. 

Please enjoy this picture of my cat, Floyd, while I go decide just how to proceed from here:

floyd the cat