My Top 5 Favourite Instagram Accounts

top 5 favourite instagram accounts

You guys, I’ve been trying to write today's post for days now and it has been a nightmare. I’ve got a whole lot of bad feels and junk crowding my life/thoughts right now and everything I write seems to be tinged with that negativity. That’s not really what I want to bring to this space, so since I’ve found myself cruising Instagram a lot as a pick-me-up lately I thought I’d share a few of my favourite happy-making Insta accounts instead:

Kristen Aleida Art (@kristenaleida)

Kristen is a Winnipeg-based artist and someone I know in real life. She’s one of the kindest folks I’ve ever met and a super talented artist. I love her account because her posts are not only gorgeous, but an extension of her personality - warm, positive, and just really lovely. Plus I can’t stop buying her art for my home, so there’s that. 

Johanna Seier (@johanna.seier)

I follow a few fitness-related accounts on Instagram and Johanna's is one of my favourites. She’s 100% relatable and manages to frame fitness in a way that is super positive and empowering. I freaking love her posts. She makes me want to move around a whole bunch for the pure joy of it

Beeproject Apiaries (@beeprojectca)

Omg BEES! I love this account, not just because I think urban beekeeping is super neat, but because I find their posts to be really informative. Also, I’m a big fan of how they post introductions to the people on their team. It’s always nice to be able to put a few faces to the brand, you know? 

Brittany Thiessen (@brittany_thiessen)

Brittany’s posts are filled with photos of her outdoor adventures everywhere from Vancouver to Guatemala. Over the past couple of years I’ve developed a real love of hiking, so whenever one of her posts pops up in my feed I always find myself pausing to make a mental note of where it was taken so I can add that place to my “to hike” list. I definitely live vicariously through Insta accounts like Brittany's sometimes, so I'm pretty happy that people like her exist in the world and are willing to share their experiences via social media.

Apartment Therapy (@apartmenttherapy)

I get serious apartment decor inspo from this account. The number of times that I’ve paused over one of their photos and zoomed in to take a closer look at some detail or other is ridiculous. I’m a slow decorator who likes to take my sweet time absorbing all of the ideas I can find and don't mind waiting for just the right pieces to fill my space. There's something about a well put together space that makes my heart happy, so this account is definitely my jam.

This post has been such a blast to write. I could list many, many more awesome Instagram accounts in my feed, but I’m going to leave it at 5 for now. Maybe I’ll do round 2 of this post sometime in the future when I’m feeling rough and need another pick-me-up. For today, I’ll just drop this link to my Instagram account and call it good.

Are you on Instagram? What are some of your favourite accounts to follow?